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Art Lessons 49:53


former available as CD-R (ltd.ed. 50 copies) / SOLD OUT !

Recordings made 1998 (DAT archives)-2013.
Cover art: Sid Redlin.

This incarnation of Le Scrambled Debutante comprised the following
carbon-based life forms:

Sir Bear Trapper (aka Allan Zane)
Sid Redlin
Lorelei Erisis
David Abner
Matthew Amundsen
Kimathi Moore

(with special thanks to Joe Buck Roberts and Martha Skinner
For samples)


© Copyright-wing Mind-controlled Le Scrambled Debutante 2014.


released January 21, 2014

Drawing from archives amassed over the years 1998 to 2013 with various collaborators, Le Scrambled Debutante mastermind Allan Zane has created a 50-minute composition fusing the most disparate material from piano impromptus to unidentifiable noises. This is somic collage in the full surrealist sense, the acoustic equivalents of umbrella and sewing-machine meeting on the mixing desk to create a uniquely bizarre sonic dreamscape.
This work by Le Scrambled Debutante could truly be called surrealist music. Apparently drawing from spontaneous improvisation with spontaneously found sound objects, this trip gives the impression of letting unconscious impulses drive the sound. It is impossible, for most of the time, to tell what sound sources were used. This truly acousmatic, if lo-fi, approach emphasises the vague, dream-like quality of the sounds. The editing, however, is done with a keen sense of timing and contrast of textures, so we drift from one dream scene into the next before it gets boring (or scary). All in all, this album may be better than most actual dreams.

File under: Sound art




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