Delicious Troglodyte


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former available as CD-R (ltd.ed. 50 copies) / SOLD OUT !

Recordings made 2013-2014.
Cover Art: Sid Redlin.

This incarnation of Le Scrambled Debutante comprised the following carbon-based life forms:

Sir Bear Trapper (aka Allan Zane)
Sid Redlin
Aaron Bachelder
David Abner
Joe Buck Roberts
Mike Honneycut
Kimathi Moore
Jean Devalive
Ian Simpson


© Copyright-wing Mind-controlled Le Scrambled Debutante 2015


released May 17, 2015

Plunderphonic/dada/surrealist audio collage outfit Le Scrambled Debutante returns with a new album. Anchorman Allan Zane has amassed the biggest cast of collaborators so far for this one-hour innerspace trip into sketches of sounds that vaguely resemble ambient electronica or psychedelic pop, but all in all seem to come from a dimension all their own.

While the previous album Art Lessons collected material amassed over a period of 15 years, the recordings on Delicious Troglodyte were all made in 2013 and 2014. So the album marks sort of a return of a classic, like (in a completely different context) David Bowie’s 2014 album The Next Day – from which Le Scrambled Debutante plundered the cover idea, which re-uses the Art Lessons cover in the same way Bowie recycled his “Heroes” sleeve. Both the cover and the sound answer Zappa’s famous question “Does humour belong in music?” squarely in the affirmative.

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David Bowie's comeback album 'The Next Day' showed his old cover 'Heroes' recycled. Le Scrambled Debutante does something with the cover of their latest release, 'Delicious Troglodyte', which is a similar black square on the cover of their previous release, 'Art Lessons' (see Vital Weekly 926). Le Scrambled Debutante has a floating membership, around Allan Zane and this time it's no less than nine musician, among which we recognize the name of Mike Honeycutt, erstwhile of Mystery Hearsay and a main player of the 80s cassette scene. There is just one piece here, but it lasts seventy-one minutes, which might be one of their longest releases. Like before it's never easy to say what this is all about, or what this band does. Much like 'Art Lessons' there are a lot of randomized sound events here. Think a good old-fashioned 8-track reel-to-reel tape filled with random sounds, mostly from spinning records forward, backwards, different speeds. Science fiction sounds, spoken word, old electronica records but nothing leaps out, no 'I want to be a registered nurse', or 'number 9, number 9'; One could think this leads to seventy-one minutes of chaos, but it doesn't; at least not always. Somewhere between minute twenty and thirty, things becomes quite and more coherent, almost song-like with tape-loops of rhythm and sampled voices eating celery in the background. Post mark minute forty-five it also starts building up after a lengthy passage of chaos. This music is not something to be analysed over and over but rather something one should be taking in like a pill: all at once and see what the effects will be. If you are lucky you will be sucked into this barrage of sounds and it will have a profound psychedelic effect on you. Again it's all considerable lo-fi, but that's the fun of it, I should think. Psychedelic music of a different kind - no guitars, just collages. Excellent stuff.



Who is going to wear the trog suit tonight and pass out the crumbling soul cakes up and down a New England alley studio set, for the new mini-series that is running over budget, intentionally, to keep the crew at task? A hippie undertaker will trail the one who chooses to wear the trog suit, tipping their tall hat and dropping their faces to the crumbs on the asphalt. Their long hair moves as an affectionate pet would move.

Back at the academy, everyone but the one who chooses to wear the trog suit will enjoy their time alone in instruction. A blasted face of ‘teacher’ shakes into a transmission feuding with roadside interruption.

Hell in a monk’s cell…one by one they start to slip, the honeymoon sounds of the apartment appliances becomes a disturbance in their familiarity. The face clicks off. The face has been recorded onto every pair of eyes; it flashes red and black with a profile that might as well be Alfred E. Neuman than ‘teacher.’

sSophomore spontaneity – speedy, one year as opposed to fifteen years. A speedy one year of Golden Gloved work that takes its time in its delivery, does all the astral traveling and soul cake crumbling so we don’t have to
on easy street, we take ‘em in, this happy-hour-plus of easy experimental amusements – zounds.


Was bieten die Augsburger dazu Neues für Zuhause? Delicious Troglodyte (ACR 1033, CD-R) von LE SCRAMBLED DEBUTANTE ist das Erzeugnis von Allan Zane, genannt Sir Bear Trapper, und neun weiterer Samenspender. Das garantiert wieder eine hör- oder zumindest ahnbare Polymorphie, von Perversität ganz zu schweigen. Das Cover spielt mit den vorausgegangenen Art Lessons so wie David Bowies The Next Day mit Heroes gespielt hatte. Aber eher
so, als würde dabei kein Gesicht verdeckt, sondern eher das, was sich hinter Pornobalken verbirgt. Aber das gehört schon zum Humor in dieser Musik, die damit kokettiert, davon mehr zu verstehen als üblich. Um es zu praktizieren. Wo andere, beim Heiligen Zappa, im musikalischen Witz schon noch den Diabolus am Werk sehen, mickymausen Zane & Co auf Teufel komm raus. Mit überdrehten Samples, Lachgasstimmchen und Drehwurmnoise. Um der
sprichwörtlichen Freakness, der man dergleichen zutraut, möglichst nahe zu kommen. Die Bänder sausen so schnell, dass es nur so glitcht und zwitschert oder wie eine Hornisse umeinander surrt. Natürlich mehrspurig. Und was nicht zwitschert, das eiert und gurkt, egal ob vor- oder rückwärts. Inmitten von Unkenntlichem werden Stimmen und Swingjazz als das erkennbar, das da in den Mixer rutscht. Darunter Zeug, das sich selber schon für witzig hält. Als
würde da eine ganze Medienlandschaft zerknüllt und zerfitzelt. Oder ihr zumindest einige ihrer Masken, ihrer Screens, vom Gesicht gerissen und geschreddert. Ob der Metawitz nun witziger ist? Ich verstehe jedenfalls nur wzwzwz und shzshzshz, und was heißt da 'verstehen'? Zwischendurch gibt es müde Beats zum bloßen Zirpen und irren Crittersgekicher durchgedrehter Action. Und dann wieder Rauschen zu Automaten-, Pieps- und Riesenstimmen in allen Graden komischer Verzerrung. Zuletzt mit froschigem Quaken und einem
halbherzigen Endspurt. Bis der Drehwurm als Klingklang allmählich austrudelt.
[BA 86 rbd]




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