Devils In Heavy Syrup


Satan Eggs 18:52


former available as cassette (ltd.ed. 25 copies) / SOLD OUT !

Recorded in the year of our Lord 2007 e.v.
Cover art by Sid Redlin

This incarnation of LSD were:
Sir Bear Trapper (aka Allan Zane)
Sid Redlin
Ms. Joey Pan Day
(with a nod to the "Electric Newspaper" series)

Originally released in 2008 by
Power Silence (ps-four).
Copyright-wing Mind-controlled LSD 2013


released December 6, 2013

The Californian LSD collective strikes again. This reissue of a 2008 release on Power Silence brings more of their hermetic experiments with tape loops, cut-ups, and – well, perhaps? – “minimalist psychedelia” to the shores of Europe. Imagine what the Residents would have sounded like if the only instruments they’d had would have been a reel-to-reel tape recorder (for manipulating the tape across the head), some microphones, voice, and their weird sense of humour.

Roughly 20 minutes on each side of the tape make for a good, rather compact introduction to the strange world of LSD. The pieces, called “Little Baby Devil Jesus” and “Satan Eggs,” are less cut-up in style than much of LSD’s other recordings. Here, sound ideas are allowed to develop over the course of several minutes, instead of being intercut with other stuff at staccato pace. This sound takes some getting used to, and these two nice studies do actually give listeners the time to do exactly that.

File under: Psychedelic, sound art




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