Lucha Troglodita


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Ale Borea: Djembe & Bongos
Israel Tenor: Drums
Arturo Quispe: Alto Saxophone & Sounds Effects

Recorded in:
La Cueva Estudios
District of Jesus Maria
Lima - Peru

Artwork: Israel Tenor (MÖÖL)
Recorded, mixed and mastered: Jorge Apaza


released January 11, 2014

The first free jazz release on Attenuation Circuit comes from Peru. With an unusual trio line-up of alto sax & sound effects, drums, and djembe & bongos, Rapa Nui are up to feverish, fiercely intense powerplay as well as near-ambient, highly lyrical restraint and contemplation. The album title, which translates as “Caveman fight,” provides a thematic basis for the whole album.
With titles taken from various prehistoric human species down to modern-day “Homo sapiens” in track 3, these three takes of varying length apparently relate, in musical terms, the never-ending story of humans fighting each other. This may suggest the apes & black monolith opening sequence of “2001” or another kind of “eternal struggle between intolerance and love.” The latter is what Art Lange found in the “Long March” album by Max Roach and Archie Shepp, and it can be applied to this album by Rapa Nui as well, not least because its sometimes epic approach recalls the grand tableaux that Roach and Shepp painted in classic 1970s collaborations such as “South Africa Goddamn.” The ultimate point of this parallel, though, is to underline the freshness and intensity of Rapa Nui’s sound aesthetic and musical interaction that proves that the “free” approach to jazz is not only a historical asset, but still a force opening up new musical perspectives in the most diverse corners of the world.

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