idle field




photography by Sashash Ulz
design by EMERGE


released December 14, 2014

With this new album on attenuation circuit, it still remains correct to
call Russia-based musician Sashash Ulz a “drone artist.” Compared to
his use of warm, acoustic sounds on earlier releases, however, here he presents another, more grainy and ‘electric’ type of drone.

What Ulz unfolds here (with the help of featured artist Bisamråtta on
“Idle Field Part II”, the second half of this 40-minute diptych of an
album, is a dronescape that sounds vaguely machine-like, as if the
pulsing of an electromagnetic field were at the heart of the music,
buried under layers and layers of pitch-shifted audio. The resulting
characteristic of the music is a richness of microtonal glimmering
going on, but without the pristineness of purely digital material.
Instead, a certain roughness or dirtiness prevails that makes the best
in drone music, such as Tony Conrad’s violin music, so immersive,
visceral, and exciting.

File under: drone




attenuation circuit Augsburg, Germany

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