live at lab​.​30




live 05.11.10
lab.30, Augsburg

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released May 27, 2013

Canadian Aidan Baker is one of those guitarists who, like Fennesz, have been redefining the electric guitar as an electronic instrument in the last 15 years by extending it with all sorts of digital equipment. This beautifully minimalist 20-minute piece is an in-a-nutshell introduction to his vast body of work.

Baker starts with a reduced guitar figure, loops it and then keeps layering other loops on top of it, all in a live improvisation. This sounds deceptively simple, because the process tends to quickly become very complex, with the player reacting to an ever-changing sonic evolution which he set in motion, but which he does not totally control. However, the music never becomes noisy or messy but instead keeps growing denser and more intense. Perhaps this is what John Cage had in mind when he defined experimental music as music that imitates nature in its mode of operation? The way Aidan Baker’s music creates a complex organism out of a simple core seems to closely resemble the process of cell division.




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