next phase

by 886VG

Love 17:50
ZMK 12:26
Chijchipa 14:57


- Dedicated to Pablo Pinokkio de Jongh, love you brother, continue this journey in peace -

Recorded during Oct-Nov 2013 in Santiago, Chile [Except track 4]

Coverartwork by 886 VG

former available as CD-R
limited edition 20 copies / SOLD OUT !!__rollator-5


released March 4, 2014

Like many noisicians around the world, Chilean Ignacio Ruz was raised on punk and metal and now uses harsh noise as the ultimate way of transferring the time-honored “no future” creed into the – well – future. No irony here: Certainly today around the world, there are at least as many reasons for feeling “No future’d” as the original punks had. This album certainly does convey a massive sense of being pissed off, and in an impressive way.

Although this album is about as tender and communicative as a 16-ton slab of concrete falling on you from the second floor of a building, the cover photograph shows a friendly, childlike mural. Perhaps this points to the friendliness that becomes possible after the cathartic experience of intense noise, like the one on this album.

File under: Noise




attenuation circuit Augsburg, Germany

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