Noise Factory 2011 "Klangfasern"

by Various



Greta Schmitthammer
Sascha E. Czucha
Robert Frey
Alexander Marco
Wolfgang Neven

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released January 26, 2013

Noise Factory is an experimental music jam session hosted by Y-TON-G aka Wolfgang Neven more or less) every year since the mid-90s with varying guests. The 2011 edition, documented on this album, featured Wolfgang Neven himself and Greta Schmitthammer (as Das Un-Preetzise Klang-Klang-Labor, they have released a beautiful album on Attenuation Circuit ACL1003), Sascha E. Czucha, Robert Frey, and Alexander Marco. The one-hour composition culled from several days of collaboration creates a brilliant fusion between “sound installation”-type microsounds of manipulated objects, the “industrial romanticism” (Wolfgang Neven’s term) of metal on metal, and shimmering ambient drones of obscure origin reminiscent of Mirko Uhlig’s work.

“Klangfasern” is more than a document of an experiment, but has been carefully edited and interwoven (“Klangfasern” means “sound fibres,” so the textile analogy seems apt) to create a tapestry of quite different experimental approaches. While mostly avoiding “instruments” in the traditional sense and showing a preference for sounds rather than tones (although sampled radio music sometimes seems to hail from the world outside the magic cosmos of the Noise Factory), all players here clearly listen to each other with the aim of creating delicate, poetic sounds that leave room for silence and thought. In 2011, the Noise Factory – at least the part we hear on this album – was not about Noise in the sense of “harsh noise” and related genres, but rather about making so-called non-musical noises as musical as possible. This beautiful, varied yet consistent album is proof that the five participants fulfilled this goal.




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