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available as 10" vinyl (including CD-R version)
ltd.ed. 300 copies


released August 6, 2013

Two untitled tracks of 12 minutes each make up EMERGE’s first release in the 10” format. Both showcase the “dark ambient” aspects of EMERGE’s work in its purest form to date. “Oneirism” hints to the world of dreams, and while one side can be considered a cinematic rendering of a nightmare set in dark and glacial surroundings, the other is replete with immersive drones that are mysterious yet beautiful in an otherworldly way, literally making this release the dream of every dark ambient fan.

This release is a new departure in EMERGE’s work in various ways. While deep, dark drones have always been an important feature of his compositions, they have always been contrasted with other timbres. Here, EMERGE goes more minimal and more bass-heavy at the same time and lets the deep microtones do all the work of enveloping the listener and sucking him or her into the dream world of the music. The lack of any information on the sound sources used, otherwise meticulously supplied with every EMERGE release, heightens the sense of mystery evoked by the sound itself. Listeners are invited to create their own associations inside their own heads. An intense and beautiful listening experience, not only for dark ambient buffs, but for anyone who is interested in spaced-out, psychedelic kinds of ambient and other electronic music. For EMERGE fans this release is a must, as it is the artist’s third vinyl outing after a 7” on Drone Records, long sold out, and the hand-painted split LP with B°tong on attenuation circuit.


igloo magazine:
Deep, dark ambient on black.
Oneirism consists of two, twelve-minute nightmares of deep, dark ambient on black, ten-inch vinyl, signed by Emerge (aka German soundscaper Sascha Stadlmeier) known more for exercises in contrast than devilish, single-minded concentration. Frighteningly subtly rendered, minimalism as an insidious, but invisible disease, a “sickening of the heart,” as Poe would have it.
(Stephen Fruitman)


EMERGE selbst ist es auch, der mit Oneirism (ACZ 1001, 10" EP) eine weitere Vinylreihe auf AC startet. Um einen Traumzustand zu suggerieren, scheint Stadlmeier an das schamanistische Dröhnen und Pfeifen des Desecrate-Finales anzuknüpfen. Wobei noch halluzinatorische Chorstimmen wie aus einer großen Höhle dazu kommen. Ein pfingstliches Brausen, aber wie aus Katakomben oder einem verlassenen U-Bahn-Tunnel, in dem sich die Anhänger eines unterdrückten Kultes versammeln. Für ein verbotenes Ritual, das einen göttlichen Wind heraufbeschwört, der die Ungläubigen und die Frevler wegfegt. Die zweiten 12 Min. steigen noch einige Traumstufen tiefer. Mit dunklerem und langsamerem Gedröhn, in dem der Alarmismus beruhigt scheint und die zuvor aufgerissenen Augen geschlossen sind. Hoffnung und Wut scheinen aufgehoben in einem Summen und Raunen, das nicht mehr ein großes Ausfegen erfleht, sondern den Erhalt der
Dinge des Lebens.


Drone Records mailorder:
third vinyl appearance of this south-german project presenting two very hypnotic dream-drone tracks; whereas one side dissolves into ghostly fog-sounds (reminding of certain JOHN DUNCAN or M.B. works), the flipside points into sub-bass areas, extremely deep & with hallucinogenic effect...
lim./numbered 300 copies & with bonus CDR of the same tracks


EMERGE is the nom de guerre of German sound artist Sascha Stadlmeier, who runs the Attenuation Circuit imprint. Stadlmeier’s label is dedicated to
releasing the most advanced forms of drone, dark electronic and noise music from a cross-section of the underground avant garde. His EMERGE project sees him manipulating sound from a variety of sources – originating via both human and non-human means – into a thick and gelatinous sea of drones, brimming with evocative tonality. Oneirism, as its title suggests, is a waking dream of dark, cinematic textures that seem to stretch out into the infinite.
This is also first 10-inch vinyl release from EMERGE and consists of two lengthy (just over ten minutes) pieces. Intentionally spine-tingling, these feverish vistas linger in the mind long after the needle is lifted from the vinyl platter, adequately proving that Stadlmeier has added another intensely visceral entry to his already vast catalogue of unrelenting dronescapes. Oneirism is available from the Attenuation Circuit page on Discogs.


With ‘oneirism 1 experimental artist ‘Emerge’ reveals a dark and ghostly world of sound. It comes across as if all the city sounds have taken the shape of doomed spirits that appear from the emptiness. In words this might be coming across as pretty scary but in reality the result is a well-constructed dark track that flirts closely with industrial and the pleasant death ambient genre, although is definitely more alive than buried under the ground.
Part two aka ‘oneirism 2 is more relaxed in sound and feel and does a great job of creating this mysterious and dark atmosphere that feels weirdly relaxing at the same time. It is as if Emerge wanted to capture a place that is so doomed and lost that in the end there is nothing really to fear.
Oneirism is available as a limited 10 inch vinyl and will be good companionship for people in need for an extra a layer of fine darkness to add to their daily lives.


BLACK online:
Fantastische neue Veröffentlichung von Emerge, gleichzeitig eine seiner wenigen auf Vinyl und seine erste 10 sowieso (CDr als Digitalversion inklusive); beide Tracks, “Oneirism 1 und “Oneirism 2, setzen auf die lange Laufzeit und das Fokussieren auf ein Motiv und bilden dabei so etwas wie ein Spiegelbild in Sound… “Oneirism 1 ist fast ausschließlich ein windartig drehendes und windende, fast scharfes Rauschen in tiefsten Hallkavernen; in den Momenten, in denen es um unsichtbare Ecken und in unbekannte Räume geht durch kurze geräuschartige Fetzen ergänzt und in der Atmosphäre zwischen
menschenverachtender Düsternis und dem die Neugier beflügelnden Evozieren unterschiedlichster Bilder pendelnd. Geräuschmusik wie sie sein sollte. Und mit ihrer ganz eigenen Melodik. Nach der fast offensiven Haltung des Openers duckt sich “Oneirism 2 viel stärker in den Untergrund; erst ganz langsam schält sich ein dunkler, choralartiger Drone heraus, manchmal begleitet von oszillierender Umspielung an seinen Rändern und auch dieses Stück drehend, unstet bewegend, wie eine schwarze Macht, die den Weg durch das unbekannte Labyrinth der Tiefe sucht. Und immer stärker eine irgendwie menschliche, in ihren Absichten aber nicht einzuschätzende Präsenz herausstellend…


Two new releases by Emerge, one of the driving forces behind the label Attenuation Circuit, and one of the more active artists on the label. The first is a 10" (although we got it on CDR - yes, we know about our rules, we do) and the second piece of vinyl on the label, following Emerge's split with B*Tong. A 10" record
- the format of doom as a friend of mine once said, but I never understood why, I always loved them - with two pieces that last twelve minutes each. I am not always blown away by the music of Emerge, but when it turns to the darker ambient I am surely more interested. On the 10" the dark ambient is largely generated by the usual acoustic sources - although none is mentioned as such - which are transformed and a large amount of reverb is placed on top, like a heavy rock. Maybe it's a bit too much reverb I was thinking, which makes the first piece like a solid mass of sound but working very much in the high end of the sound spectrum, and is a bit shrieking, but the second piece goes all the way down, into the lower regions and here we have a nice bass rumble. Here the music is rather vague, obscure and unworldly, working a bit in the good ol' overtones, but this is surely a great piece.


Bernd Spring:
die maschine hat mir ein lied erzählt. plattentipp:
Es hätte mich nicht gewundert, wenn diese Platte aus einer weißen und einer schwarzen Vinyl-Seite bestehen würde, einer guten und einer bösen, von mir aus auch einem Yin und einem Yang. Zwei Stücke wie Polare, welche so weit von einander entfernt sind, dass Ähnlichkeiten schon wieder unvermeidbar sind. Klimatische Klänge.
Zielstrebig führt uns der eine Track sofort nach oben in windige Hochfrequenzgefilde, der Hall ist unser Flügelschlag. Unser Raum verschleiert die Grenzen und Versuche, diese auszuloten, werfen sehr unscharfe Konturen zurück, welche auf dem überbelichteten, kontrastarmen Display interpretationsfreudige Figuren formen. Damit sind wir erstmal beschäftigt.
Auf der anderen Seite lässt der Tiefton auf sich warten, um uns dann gut vorbereitet an lockerer Hand weiter nach unten zu ziehen. Gravity is great
– it keeps you on the ground. Schwerfällig pfeifen die Gelenke des Bewegungsapparates; ein mechanisches, metallenes Geräusch, welches im Laufe der zähen Zeit (abnutzungsbedingt?) variiert. Am Ende stehen wir wieder am Anfang, ohne auf Anhieb nachvollziehen zu können, wie es dazu kam.
Wer nach einer unwahrscheinlichen Reise wieder in die Normalität zurück kommt, für den ist alles, womit er dann noch immer nicht klar kommt, sein
eigenes Problem. So hat es uns Trillian gesagt. Emerge verzichtet auf “oneirism” dankenderweise auf den letzten Schritt und konzentriert sich hier lieber auf die Frage nach dem Traum, der Realität… und dem ganzen Rest.


monk mink pink punk:

Sascha Stadlmeier is the man behind the reverbed soundscapes of these two untitled side-long pieces. There is so much reverb on the first side that very little trace of the unidentified sources used. There only exists a roaring mass of frequency bands, like hearing a subway train through miles of ventilation shafts. The second side is darker, more droney, but still through layers of reverb with oversatuated frequency bands. If a distant subway train described the other side, this side is hearing a fifty ton truck driving overhead a subterranean cavern. You have to play this
one through 12” or 15” woofers to get the full effect.



We all have times when we need some special soundtrack for the particular part of the day or you just simply want to turn some music on and don’t care about everyday problems. You just need cool melodies, impresive bass lines, maybe some vocals or even some drum rhytms to move you into the right direction through the day, but that’s not the case with ”Oneirism” because we are not talking about simple arranged music for the masses. This is pure ambient sountrack for the cold december when you don’t want to move anywhere from the house. This album will ask your for a full attention and your brain will ask for more.

This one is really pure delicacy for the lovers of the ambient experimentations, beacuse of the complecity of the sounds which are involved into both tracks. If you’re not paying attention while you’re listening, you will only hear one long piece of sound, something similiar to the wind. If you pay attention to this material closely, you will hear all the beautifulness of both tracks, because there’s a lot more into it. More movements, more experimentations and even more emotional approach to the both compositions. The sound is very compact, well recorded, without all those bleeps and bloops which are common mistakes when it comes to sound composing, so your listening pleasure is guaranteed.

Also, this 10” record is financially supported and released by Emerge into 300 pieces, so there’s even bigger reason to support the artist and purchase your copy of ”Oneirism” and fully enjoy in one of the best ambient albums you heard in a very long time.




attenuation circuit Augsburg, Germany

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