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progression 24:33


former available as CD-R
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based on field-recordings by JAVA DELLE (machine recordings part 2, scaffold builder by occupation)



released October 26, 2014

Like its companion piece “progressed”, already released on attenuation circuit, this composition is based on samples from a field recording track by Java Delle: “Machine Recordings Part 2: Scaffold Builder by Occupation”, originally released as part of a three-way split with Haender og Taender and EMERGE/Sustained Development. The scaffold samples used here are unusually recognisable compared to most other works by EMERGE and pay tribute to some noise music’s predilection for the sounds of “heavy metal”.

In contrast to EMERGE’s body of work that is strictly acousmatic, with sounds that hide their origins as Pierre Schaeffer prescribed it for musique concrète, this is rather musique concrète renforcée, or reinforced concrete music: the sounds come from a building site, and you can hear it! It is interesting to compare this unsettling, unpredictable piece, which is essentially noise music as far as its heavy emotional impact is concerned, with the alternative take on the source material that EMERGE employed in “progressed”, a mostly very subdued installation piece. The juxtaposition gives a nice example of the virtually endless possibilities of digitally sculpting everyday sounds into something as yet unheard of.

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