by MEINEIN - N(48)



former available as CD-R in cardboard sleeve (ltd.ed. 50 copies) / SOLD OUT !

live at k15, Augsburg, 17.10.15
recording, mastering, photography and design by EMERGE


released July 11, 2016


The first one I pulled out of this bunch is a split of Meinein and N(48), which includes a track by each plus a collaborative piece. I have no idea who Meinein is and behind N(48) we find Hellmut Neidhart; well, actually the band name is N and the number is consecutive number of pieces he made so far. Much of his music is from the world of ambient, drones and such like, all done with guitars and effects. Meinein surely comes from a similar background, using samples and electronics, but once I got to the piece by N(48), a most powerful piece of drone music, Meinein seemed a faded memory. It didn't make much impression, unlike the N(48) blast; organ like drones, mildly distorted, a drone heavy weight. Their piece together is the longest on the disc and combines both ends. The guitar of N is still quite loud, but not as loud as on his own and Meinein delivers a fine tapestry of changing motifs on his sampler to go along. The second half of the piece is much darker and it ends with the usual 'let's all go ape-shit loud now' — a steady fixture for improvisers in the realm of the electronic, yet an unnecessary one, I would think.




attenuation circuit Augsburg, Germany

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