Signal Kitchen

by ORiFiCE




released December 19, 2012

After several releases on international noise labels, German noisician Orifice introduces fully-fledged noise art to the Attenuation Circuit roster. Two lo-fi improvisation tracks generated March/April 2011 with the only help of analog gear (mainly semi-modular synth-knobbing) on a kitchen table boil sawtooth signals down to noise. No editing, no overdubs, no mastering or any post-production result in a sound that has a very tangible quality, especially on the first track. The direct impact of energy and intensity remains palpable in the colliding textures of noise and signals.

Coming in a delicately water-coloured package reminiscent of Japanese calligraphy, the sound on this short (28-minute) album does not, however, share the negativist philosophy of Japanese noise music, but rather celebrates noise as a joyous form of expression, a vital playfulness articulated through high volume and ecstatic human-machine interfacing: Orifice’s credo “Without signal, no noise” sums up the fundamental listening experience that, beyond a certain threshold level of intensity, the boundaries between musical signal and musical noise become meaningless, and this experience is not restricted to the genre explicitly referred to as ‘noise’, but can be encountered in musics as different as The Stooges’ ‘Fun House’ or free jazz powerplay. Orifice’s approach to improvisation seems related to all of these.




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