singe binge




former available as CD-R / SOLD OUT !

arranged and mixed by Zan Hoffman
featuring audio sources by Agog, John Hudak, Minoy, Swinebolt 45
orginally released in 1987 by ZH27
modern photos: Andrew Vititoe
original art: Zan Hoffman
design: Sascha Stadlmeier


released September 27, 2013

KRYNGE, the multi-collaborative international supergroup, was the brainchild of Zan Hoffman in 1987-88 and features recordings of his home taping friends reimagined. Acknowledging the debt the contemporary experimental music scene owes to the pioneering work of the tape-trading and mail art scenes, Attenuation Circuit celebrates the 25th anniversary of KRYNGE by re-releasing the original cassettes on CD in bi-monthly instalments. The Krynge series comes in a dedicated new design while also containing reproductions of the original cassette cover art.

Singe Binge is broken up into a few pieces alternating multiple voices (John Hudak [New Jersey], his girlfriend, Minóy [California], his mother, her friend and more). The other parts of the tape are RoLMo [Tennessee], loops and guitars and mush. Being the first tape in the series this is the kindest KRYNGE release, but it still is a hilarious example of the pleasures that can be found in the type of music/found footage collage perhaps most commonly associated with Negativland’s early work. Blending reverberating guitar sounds with wonderfully vintage 80s-style drum machine beats, TV sounds, over-the-top vocal renditions and the rest of the family talking, this recording is not only “home-taped” in the sense that it was not produced in a studio, but also in the sense that it paints a tongue-in-cheek, somewhat surreal picture of the way suburban boredom can provoke creative research.




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