former available as cassette (ltd.ed. 50 copies) / SOLD OUT !

live at AC headquarter, Augsburg, 24.06.16
photography by Adam Mankowski
recording, mastering and design by EMERGE


released August 23, 2016


Der "cörengrätö"-Dröhner SKREI tauchte am 24.6.16 das AC Hauptquartier in dystopische Düsternis (ACT 1041, C-60). Die Stimmung derer, die da beklemmt in Containern und Kellerlöchern hausen, ist permanent auf dem Tiefpunkt. Eine abgenudelte Kassette stottert Orchestermusik aus der Zeit 'davor', eine Zwitschermaschine spielt Vogelersatz. Nach einem brausenden Sturm muss wieder das Notquartier gewechselt werden. Die zweite halbe Stunde gemeinsam mit EMERGE bringt Kaskaden des Zerfalls und Aufräumarbeit im Schutt. Man plantscht in den Dröhnwellen der Destruktion. Ein pochendes Acellerando, Ziegelhagel und das finale Crescendo verraten den Spaß dabei. Die Zukunft? Alles halb so wild.



More music by Giuseppe Capriglione, also known as Skrei, which was recorded as the Attenuation Circuit headquarter and lasts thirty minutes of Skrei by himself and the other side has a piece of his with the label honcho here, Emerge. Back in Vital Weekly 1047 I was first introduced to the music of Skrei, which seemed to be about using a tape-loop system to process sound, which sounded not too bad, but also not that great. I have a similar impression of this new thirty-minute piece, which has no title. It moves around in a bleak industrial atmosphere, full of unrest, with lots of small loops here and there, maybe from some lo-fi sampling machine and it is divided into various sections, floating right into each other. Not great, not bad. In his piece with Emerge, things seem to go up a notch, adding Emerge's various sampling apparatus and it becomes more of industrial thing and less of something more atmospheric. This goes towards noise, most of the times but not exclusively, which, as just outlined, is always something I am in favour of; which not necessarily made me think this was the best ever release by Emerge. This is in the end like the other side, perhaps, not great, not bad, but it is another documentation of progress.




attenuation circuit Augsburg, Germany

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