by V.A.



released September 23, 2012

This compilation is given away exclusively to subscribers of “Bad Alchemy” magazine with issue # 71 (December 2011). “Bad Alchemy” is Germany’s only periodical focusing exclusively on improvised and experimental music, so it is fitting that the exclusive contributions by Zander/Fiebig, Deep, Martyn Schmidt, R.X.o.N., and EMERGE, manage to represent the wide variety of interpretations of the term “experimental” that are featured in the Attenuation Circuit roster.

The first of the two 3-inch CDs comprises the more rhythmic material of the compilation, first a very dynamic and colourful excerpt from an improvisation by Zander/Fiebig, using no-input mixing boards, samples of concrete sounds, and radio signals, then a rather psychedelic-sounding wall-of-sound composition by Deep. The set is rounded off with a piece by “sample poetry” artist Martyn Schmidt, in which a beat is created by looping the voice of the vocal performer reciting poetry in a manner that evokes some of the best work of Einstürzende Neubauten. The second CD is dedicated to the drone/dark ambient side of Attenuation Circuit. Both R.X.o.N. and EMERGE create monochrome textures of deceptive meditative stasis, and it takes the listener a while to realise the amount of ominously shifting frequencies beneath the surface. Hence, this 40-minute journey through different sound worlds is a good introduction to the aesthetics of Attenuation Circuit, not only in terms of the actual music, but also when it comes to the lavish packaging, including an art print of a painting by Tine Klink, who contributes regularly to Attenuation Circuit cover designs.




attenuation circuit Augsburg, Germany

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