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Reg Settle down, settle down; let me tell you a tale.
I had to find some new music -- why? I don't remember. Here I came -- why? I don't remember -- I think something to do with Sindre Bjerga led me here...
But, so, so I skip to little bits in the song, as I do, and I think, well, okay, maybe this is fun -- so I put it in the maybe list.
I come back after an unfruitful search, and, well, I had to find some new music -- so I skip to bits of this song, and I think, well, fuck it -- so I buy it -- why? whimsy.
I listen to it, and I think, this is crap -- it can't be crap; I bought it -- and I persevere till the end, and then I regret everything and have to go buy some more stuff to fix this absolute disgrace in my life.
And so, when I have become more cheery having experienced things that are not crap, I return -- because surely it can't have been as terrible as I thought; surely it didn't just sound like three idiots that have no idea what they're doing; surely it wasn't so bad that I have dejected myself; surely I just 'wasn't in the mood...'
I sigh, I do -- I sigh! I listen again, and I hope that it's not going to be awful; I hope that it's not three boring idiots that sound like they have no idea what they're doing, mostly do nothing, and when they do do something are apparently ignorant of anyone else.
What is this? Crap; awful; my great shame -- I don't even believe in such a thing as shame, yet I am ashamed, or disgusted, or disappointed, or experiencing some feeling I don't understand -- but this is of no importance now -- for I can move on -- I can denounce this as not a bit crap, but so crap that it ruined my entire day -- and ohhhh of course it is because the man in charge is here! The man in charge -- fie!
I cry, I do -- I cry! Oh, farewell, Pat Moonchy Trio, I hope to forget you.


former available as cassette (ltd.ed. 48 copies) / SOLD OUT !

Pat Moonchy: voice and electronics device
Lucio Liguori: guitar and gongs
Sascha Stadlmeier: guitar, bass, effects

recorded live at k15, Augsburg, 29.04.16
photography by Dan Penschuck (
recording, mastering and design by EMERGE


released March 24, 2017


This release is the recording of a live performance made by Pat Moonchy, voice and electronics device, Lucio Liguori, guitar and gongs, and Sascha Stadlmeier, guitar, bass and effects.
After the first seconds it becomes clear how the sound framework is the path of pure EAI; the sounds are sparse and immersed in a surrounding silence and the objective is the nuance of the timbre. The first part of this release is a call and response where the three musician have some seconds so e.g., after the gong, the singer starts and when it stops the guitar starts to drone. The Stadlmeier's noises seems the base for the progressive juxtaposition of all the performers but, after a while, they decided not to create a sonic wall to overstep to be heard but to step back. So quiet moments based on the voice and gongs and louder ones based on guitars put the listener into a state of concentration out of his usual habit. This lasts until, at the end of the track, they decided to build the sonic wall to end the track in silence.
Even if it could sound a bit derivative in his musical development, it's a release that has moments of pure sonic beauty that let the desire to press the play button on the player. It's worth a listen and it's recommended for fans of the genre.




attenuation circuit Augsburg, Germany

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