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Java Delle: Machine Recordings Part Two, Scaffold Builder by Occupation

Hænder og Tænder: No Hands No Cakes

Sustained Development & Emerge:
Hörbar in Farbe live (Galerie am Graben, Augsburg 19.02.11)

TimTimTonTräger 2012

Attenuation Circuit 2012

cover paintings by Tine Klink


released November 18, 2012

The three tracks on this album start with Java Delle’s purist field recording of men building a metal scaffolding while sounding like early Einstürzende Neubauten. The live improvisation by EMERGE and Sustained Development picks up on the metal-like sounds while adding some minimalist, at times noisy electronic effects and rhythms. Hænder og Tænder in turn focus on the noise aspect and make it explode in a fully-fledged harsh noise outburst.

Quite different on the surface, the three pieces in this triptych are all concerned with exploring modes of hearing “non-musical” sound as artistically arranged sound. Listening closely, one discovers surprisingly interesting rhythmic patterns in the sound of scaffold builders working, recorded by Java Delle. Sustained Development/EMERGE deliberately blur the boundaries between the processed sounds of painting tools (so-called noise) and the sound of electronic instruments (so-called music). Hænder og Tænder, like all harsh noise artists, force the listener to become aware of his or her listening self through the sheer physical force of their assault. Raw and DIY as these pieces may be, they could serve as textbook examples for the most advanced philosophies of sound art, such as Salomé Voegelin’s “Listening to Noise and Silence.”




attenuation circuit Augsburg, Germany

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