released November 12, 2013

Many albums in the Attenuation Circuit Eco Series are split releases aiming to present the wide range of possibilities of contemporary sonic art in a user-friendly format. This album contains a 20-minute piece each by Gerald Fiebig and Pierce Warnecke, both recorded live during a shared bill at famed Berlin underground spot Sucked Orange Gallery.

“Ceci n’est pas une composition” by Gerald Fiebig is a collage of disparate elements including sinusoidal drones, rural field recordings, and vocal samples that are made to congeal during the performance. The title plays with the “spontaneity or instant composition?” debate that surrounds free improvisation, and it may or not be regarded as correct, depending on the listener’s viewpoint: although the set was in fact improvised, intentional structures emerge as the sound work unfolds, and what ends up on the CD could in fact have been composed. Pierce Warnecke’s “Variations for Feedback and Hum, no. 2” pick up the 50 Hz hum from the electric grid, combine them with digital sounds, project all these into the room via the PA system, and feed the resulting resonances of the room back into a microphone. Using the performance space as an architectural effects device, the performance builds up from very low glitches to a massive, surging drone. The live recording has been carefully treated to convey the feel of an enjoyably overwhelming sound mass even in the home listening situation.




attenuation circuit Augsburg, Germany

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